Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scipio Assessments in 1898 Part Two

It is interesting to find so many women listed as property owners in 1898 Scipio. Aside from the ability to finally own property independently, for genealogists the women of the family are usually difficult to track as many of the references to women use their husband’s first and last name, as in “Mrs. Byron Hitchcock” rather than “Mrs. Mariam Hitchcock”.
I will need to look up under what circumstances women were "allowed" to own property in 1898. For now, let’s continue with the almost-alphabetical list of landowners for 1898; if you find a relative, let me know!

Amos Mosher
Charles Merritt
Mary Libeus
Henry Marsh
William Manchester
John Murphy
Thomas Murphy
J. L. Mack
Charles Morgan
Patrick McIntyre
Robert Manchester
Gershom Nichols
John Neville
Thomas Nolan
James Oconnel
William Orchard
Mariah Payne
John Payne
Martha Pease
John Perkins
George Perry
David Parks
Mrs. David Parks
Sarah Pope
Edward Powers
Ellen Quinn
Rumsey & Shorkley
Phillip Ringwood
Caroline Reynolds
Frank Sellen
Theo F. Smith
Alma Smith
Levi Sanders
Lydia Strang
Henry Spangler
Hettie Caroline Shaw
Mrs. Davis Shaw
Enos F. Shaw
W. D. Smith
Patrick Tehan
John Turner
Harriett Toan
Hannah Miller
Sarah Talladay
Dan Thurston
Lewis Thurston
Amanda Underhill
John Van Liew
Mrs. Guy Van Liew
William Young
George Waldron
Cornelia Whitten
Sally Wallis
William Ward
Lotti Wallis
Frank D. Wright
Marsh Webster
A. L. Watkins
George Watkins
William Wilshere
Charles Wilshire
Eber West
James Whalen
Thomas Welch
Arlington Watkins
Henry Wheat


Bluebeard said...

I'd guess that it was probably allowed primarily in a hereditary nature. Still I'd bet it would make interesting research.

Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, here is part of what I can come up with on the folks in this half of the landowner list.

Charles Morgan may be Charles Avery Morgan (1852-1923), son of William A. Morgan and Samantha Mather and husband of Martha Chapman Simons (1854-1891). Martha was daughter of Jeremiah Simons and Caroline Martha Bishop. Charles and Martha were married 30 September 1874 and had four children: Frank A., Earl J., Howard S., and Wilbur L. Morgan. Earl J. Morgan would later be Scipio Town Supervisor and Cayuga County Sheriff.

Gershom Nichols appears to be Gershom J. Nichols (1827-1912), son of Gershom and Phebe Nichols and husband of Eliza Hunter (1836-1919). Eliza was daughter of Daniel Hunter and Abigail Davis, mentioned in regard to the first part of the landowners list. Gershom J. and Eliza had two children that I am aware of: Ella A. and Emma N. Nichols.

Martha Pease possibly was Martha Eliza Aiken (Akin) (1840-1923), daughter of Edward Akin and Harriet M. Wheat and wife of C. Stanley Pease (1838-1906). [I should note that there was another Martha Pease, sister of C. Stanley Pease, but she was married to Henry Hull Morse, lived in Springport, and probably is not the Martha Pease in the landowner list.] Martha Eliza Aiken (Akin) Pease lived in Mapleton, Fleming, Cayuga Co., NY but apparently had an hereditary interest in land in Scipio Lot #2, once owned by a Samuel Wheat, either her grandfather or great-grandfather (both Samuel), probably the former. A lawsuit brought by Lewis M. Wheat in 1921 finally sought equitable distribution of the property among literally dozens of potential heirs. Martha and C. Stanley Pease married ca. 1860 and had three children: Edward Ethan, Charles Henry, and Grace Belle Pease.

Edward Powers may be G. Edward Powers (1857-1905), son of Franklin Powers and Helen E. Akin and wife of Martha Wilson (1856-1920). Martha was daughter of William Wilson and Patience M. Gallup. G. Edward and Martha married ca. 1880 and had three children: Grace Louisa, Ethel P., and Wilson C. Powers. G. Edward Powers died after being physically ejected from a tavern for brawling and striking his head on steps or pavement as a result.

Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, here is part two of my comment.

Rumsey & Shorkley probably refers to Winford Scott Rumsey (1848-1926) and his sister, Alice M. Rumsey Shorkley (1846-1919), wife of Pardon Thornton Shorkley (1833-1907). Winford, generally known as Scott, never married. Pardon and Alice had three children: Freddie, Glenn A., and George E. Shorkley. Presumably, the landowner list refers to the property formerly owned by Reuben Rumsey and Sarah Johnson, parents of Alice, Winford, and Clara Rumsey. [Clara Rumsey married Justus Allen Post and does not appear to have had a share of the property in 1898.] I believe that Winford, with Pardon and Alice, lived on the Rumsey homestead on Cork Street, thus the names on the landowner list.

John Van Liew (1831-1919) was son of Daniel Perrine Van Liew, Sr. and Rebecca Babcock and husband of Mary Etta Mosher (1836-1918). John and Mary Etta married 29 March 1863 and had seven children: Ursula, Edgar D., Guy A., Mabel B., Frederick H., Sarah, and Clara Nell Van Liew. [Ursula, who married Henry C. Elliott, was discussed in response to the first half of the landowner list.]

Mrs. Guy Van Liew was named Louisa (1870-1938), but I don't have her maiden name. Her husband, Guy A. Van Liew (1868-1937) is mentioned above.

Cornelia Whitten probably is Cornelia Morgan Bancroft Whitten (1870-1956), daughter of William Fleming Bancroft and Cornelia Steele Morgan and wife of an unknown (to me) Whitten. She was the mother of Celia B. Whitten (b. ca. 1904) who married Edgar E. Schmidt.

Arlington Watkins may be Allington W. Watkins (1856-1931), son of Leddra W. Watkins and Hannah Lattow and husband of Phebe Frances Hoxie (1857-1936) who was mentioned in response to the first half of the landowner list. Allington and Phebe were married at the Hoxie residence near Scipioville on 25 December 1878 and had at least one female child who married W. Oscar Seymour.

Henry Wheat probably is Henry A. Wheat (1856-1908), son of William Henry Wheat and Huldah M. Chase and husband of Etta M. Ward (1856-1906). Etta is daughter of Hope Ward and Jane Terwilliger. Henry and Etta had four children: John W., Fred A., Floyd A., and Ruth M. Wheat. Henry and Etta had moved to Moravia by 1900 but may have retained a property interest in Scipio.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

I appreciate all this information, Roger. The longer I am the Scipio Historian, the more I realize how her early families are related, and recognize so many names that are still here today.
Daniel Perrine Van Liew is I believe the Civil War veteran and son of Frederick Van Liew, Revolutionary War veteran whose relatives honored with a memorial service and marker just last fall.

Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, I need to make a small correction to the paragraph that I submitted on Martha Eliza Aiken (Akin) Pease on 5 March 2010. The Samuel Wheat who owned a farm in Scipio Lot 2, in which she had an hereditary interest, was neither her grandfather, Samuel Wheat IV, nor great-grandfather, Samuel Wheat III, but her uncle, Samuel Wheat V who died intestate. The farm appears to have been either coincident with, or in the vicinity of, the farm on Cork Street formerly owned by the late Chet and Cecile Mapes. So many Sams and Marthas to sort out in the Wheat family!