Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Record Breakers 4-H Club

Continuing to read the old newspapers available online, I found in the same paper as my mother's 8th grade report card an article entitled "Belltown 4-H Club Plans Project Tour:"
The "Record Breakers" 4-H Club met at the home of Ward O'Hara on the evening of July 16. Eleven members were present. The president took charge of the meeting. Under old business an uncertain time, dependent on the weather, was set for the project tour and the plans for the club social were left on the table for a later meeting.
Mr. Samuel B. Dorrance, the county club agent, was able to be at the meeting and he gave an interesting talk on the club activities for the remaining club year and he also answered numerous member's questions. We were very glad to have Stanley with us who came with Mr. Dorrance from Auburn.
The program committee gave a good response by Danny Mitchell giving a humorous joke. Ward O'Hara read a selection "Entertaining Sis's Beau." Leslie Wager asked some 4-H riddles. Edison Quinn recited a poem and Alice Wager gave a demonstration on "manners at the table." Root beer and cakes were served by Mrs. O'Hara after the adjournment of the meeting.
Nancy Bowen, club reporter.


Roger A. Post said...

Belltown rang a bell, so to speak, but I couldn't remember where it was. A little research shows that it appears to be synonymous with West Genoa in the Town of Genoa between Goodyear's Corners and Five Corners, southeast of King Ferry. It is interesting how place names change over the years or completely fade away.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

In spite of that oh so very bad pun, Roger, your information is as always helpful; and an interesting addition to the blog. I knew Belltown's general area but no more, and know other blog readers will also appreciate the details.
Many will also remember Ward O'Hara, a country boy and storyteller who would have been right at home with a blog. He wrote many books about our county, and for many years also wrote articles for the Auburn Citizen newspaper.