Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fire Prevention Week Posters

It is about the time of year again when the firemen sponsor their poster contest for the grade schoolers. They like to remind people to be careful as we go into the heating season, and a nice way to do that is by asking children to draw a picture, then giving out prizes.
I had forgotten all about this until I was reading the newspaper from Thursday, October 22, 1959 and saw my name among many others. The article listed the Sherwood School winners of a poster contest sponsored by the Scipio Center Fire Department for Fire Prevention Week.

Kindergarten: Christopher MacCormack, Prudence Campbell, Mary Britt, Keith Bergerstock, Ann Redmond, Darryl Philo (?), Winifred Hailwachs and Jerry Cooper.

First Grade: Marion Reynolds, James Chase, Wendy Alexander, Charles Hou??, Sonia Minde, Richard Myers, Penny Powers, and George MacAllaster.

Second Grade: Sandra Stoker, Ricky Wiggans, James Chamberlain, Marcy Klipple, Susan Brown, Donald Brown, Teresa Costello and Peter Campbell.

Third Grade: Diane Rafferty, Alan Mapes, Dawn Cuatt, William Van Nostrand, Beverly Wood, Thomas Kanalley, Donna Bancroft and Ray Botsford.

Fourth Grade: Roberta Church, Stephen Burcroft, Shelley Hetherington and Jane Maroney.
Fifth Grade: John Wilbur, Richard Wilbur, Kevin Lacey and John Babcock.

Sixth Grade: Cathy Mullally, Lesley Winters, Pat Kanalley and Jonnie Fiorenzo.

In charge of the contest were Assistant Chief Edward McCormick, Jack Powers and John Sarnicola. The committee was aided in judging by County Fire Marshall Wendell P. Lindenbach.

I can still remember the fireman, in his firefighting gear in our classroom. I kept my prize, a dark-haired doll, for many years!

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