Saturday, March 12, 2011

New York History

I have just added a new link to one of my favorite blogs: New York History. Blogman John Warren has a good eye for news about this great state of NY; in particular, news about her history and the many others on the internet who work to keep history alive for us and for our future generations.
Exploring this blog today, I found a link to the Huguenots of New Paltz. I have been working off and on to find my missing link to my Dickerson ancestor, who was at Valley Forge, and whose discharge papers were signed by George Washington himself. In the Historic Huguenot Society website, I found the Dickerson name in their surname listing, so I am planning to contact the Society to see if they may have what I seek.
Everything I need to plan my visit is on the website, it couldn't be easier. Thanks, John!

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