Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Auburn's Historic Post Office Building Twin?

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This is a link to an article with a photo, found on Flickr, of a building that so closely resembles our Historic Post Office Building in downtown Auburn, NY that I had to investigate. It may be just the style of the day, but I wonder if the same architect was involved for both buildings. Here's what the article says:
Temperance Building (1905), 330 Roane Street, Harriman, Tennessee
built as East Tennessee Land Company office • soon taken over by American Temperance University • prohibition in force in Harriman from founding until 1993 • city was major steel producer until depression • now houses City Hall and Harriman Heritage Museum • National Register of Historic Places, 1971 • nearby plaque reads: “Harriman: Utopia of Temperance. Incorporated in 1891, this was to be an ideal industrial city, an object lesson for thrift, sobriety, superior intelligence and exalted moral character, where workers would be uncorrupted by Demon Rum. Named for Union General Walter Harriman, former governor of New Hampshire. Leader of movement was Union General Clinton B. Fisk, founder of Fisk University and Prohibition candidate for President in 1888.”

The Avery Trace Chapter of the Tennessee Daughters of the American Revolution recently dedicated this plaque.
A little time spent Googling the Temperance Building found some interesting news, including a few ghost stories! Go take a look and let me know what you think.

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