Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Veteran Burials

I have been prospecting again on www.fultonhistory.com and I found an interesting article written in June of 1925. It seems the Attorney General appointed an E. P. Grey of Aurora to take a census of soldiers buried in the Town of Ledyard. E. P. also apparently conducted this census in some other small rural cemeteries in Cayuga County. Here is what he reported.

Cuyler Cemetery in Ledyard:
Benjamin Ledyard
Major General Asa Burnham

War of 1812:
Philip Buckhout at Scipioville (Evergreen) Cemetery
Peter Fort in the Fort vault, Aurora (and there is a story to go with this man, check back soon!)

Ira Terwilliger and Daniel Nichols in private ground in Aurora

Civil War soldiers in Oak Glen Cemetery:
Thomas Sherman
Captain George Smith
Lt. Henry Smith
John Winters
Nathan Prue
Charles H. Hardy
Peter Matthews
Thomas Hickey
Davis Fox
Daniel McGordon
Cornelius Van Horn
Hiram Ellis
Henry Shaw
Charles Smith
Lt. Lansing Tracy
William Graves
John Vanderipe
Dr. M. B. Van Buskirk
Charles Pendell
Charles Gunn
Ithiel Winters

Scipioville Cemetery Civil War soldiers:
Eban West
James Rose
Benjamin Cain
George Blowers
George Austin
Elisha Winters
Davis Ross
Chester Sincerbeaux
Dog Corners Cemetery Civil War soldiers:
James Smith
Theodore Hogar (?)
Justin Trim

Civil War soldiers in Friends Cemetery, Poplar Ridge:
William Peckham
John Peckham
Albert Doan

Civil War soldiers in Ledyard Cemetery:
Thomas Peckham
Charles Nye
Seward Dean
Thomas G. Steward
Charles Smith
William M. Smith
Oliver F. Bennett
George P. Wheat
William H. Jones

Civil War soldiers in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Aurora:
Thomas Turney
Patrick Hickey
Jeremiah Coughlin
Thomas Quinn
William Goslin
John Dane

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