Monday, November 29, 2010

Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming Again

Earlier this month, I published a list of marriages of Scipio folks that I found in a transcription from the Dutch Reformed Church of Fleming records. Fleming is our next door neighbor, and many of the other names are familiar so I decided that I would publish them as well.

The earliest marriage in the transcription pages that I have was performed on March 16, 1844 by B. W. Knight. On that date, Oliver Perry Hicks married Lucinda Philips of Fleming. It would be interesting to find out if Oliver is related to the family that Hicks Road, located in the southwestern part of Scipio, is named for.

Rev. A. B. Winfield performed several marriages in 1845:
On February 8 Wm. Morgan of Oswego married Elizabeth Thompson of Sand Beach (Sand Beach is the name of the area this church is located in. In later years, it was known as Sand Beach Dutch Reformed Church until its sale in recent years first to the Mennonite community who used it as a school and place of worship, then to the owners of the Springside Inn, who christened it "The Point" and use it as an event building).
On December 25th, Erastus Strong and Elizabeth L. Tryon, both of Fleming, tied the knot, ensuring an easy to remember Christmas anniversary!
On September 23rd, 1846, Rev. Winfield married Richard Selover and Rachel Ammerman of Niles.
January 6th, 1847 brought the wedding of Nathan T. C. Haines of Chatauqua County NY to Mrs. Mary W. Hamilton of Sand Beach.
January 16th, 1847 was the wedding day for Mr. Cornelius Van Arsdale and Miss Hannah V. D. Van Nest of Sand Beach.
January 18th, Rev. Winfield married Mr. Benjamin Van Auken and Miss Elizabeth Crawford of Sand Beach. And on April 11th, 1847, he united Thomas Jorolemon and Miss Maria Burnet, both of Owasco.

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Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, Cornelius Van Arsdale (b. ca. 1809) was a son of Garret Van Arsdale (Van Arsdalen), Sr. and either Nelly Quick or Polly Whitlock.

Hannah V. D. Van Nest (ca. 1812-1863) was a daughter of Joris Van Nest and Mary ____.

Cornelius was married three times, with Hannah being his second wife. They had a son, John Van Arsdale (b. ca. 1851). There is a stone in memory of Hannah in Sand Beach Cemetery, Fleming.

Cornelius Van Arsdale was in the house of John G. Van Nest in Fleming during the infamous Van Nest murders of 12 March 1846 when an insane man, William Freeman, killed three family members and stabbed Cornelius in the chest. Cornelius survived the event to be married only 10 months later to Hannah, whose brother, John G. Van Nest had died in the murders.

An interesting account of the Van Nest murders appears in The Township of Fleming Cayuga County, New York 1823-1973 (Auburn, 1973) by Sheila Saft Tucker, currently the Cayuga County Historian. A book about the William Freeman trial can be found under "What's New" on the Cayuga Co. NYGenWeb site. Also, Ward O'Hara published a small book, The Van Nest-Wyckoff Murders and The Scourge of Wyckoff Hill, which recounts both the above-mentioned murders and the misdeeds of Harmon O'Hara in Scipio.