Friday, November 12, 2010

History Detectives

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I have been spending some time working with students on a Scipio Cemetery project. It has been interesting to learn and grow with them! Some students have accomplished a lot independently, and are teaching me new resources and even some different research methods. Others have experienced an awakening of the importance of honoring our ancestors; of "marking their spot" so to speak so that they don't become forgotten and pushed aside.
Like any other small town Scipio has experienced the loss of old cemeteries through benign and not so benign neglect. In the 1960's dedicated ladies from the local Daughters of the American Revolution completed an enormous project; they documented all existing headstones. Some have fallen, disappeared, or been used to pave walkways since then and we would perhaps never know of their existence.
One student was concerned at the fact that an entire cemetery and the headstones were destroyed and displaced, in the name of progress. A Revolutionary War veteran was among those now without any marker to guide us to his final resting place so we can pay our respects to him for his brave deeds.
Scipio is right now trying to create a Comprehensive Town Plan. You can view it online at We struggle with maintaining economic viability while preserving the history of this Military Tract town. How do we find the balance?
We find the balance by being involved; by showing up. Read Scipio's proposed plan and ask questions; send your comments to your Board or to with a subject of "Scipio Comprehensive Plan Comment."

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