Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sherwood Select School

The Historian for a neighboring town, Phyllis Stanton, was kind enough to drop off a copy of graduates of Sherwood Select School 1910 - 1926 as found in "Historical Sketch of Sherwood School" by Phoebe King. She knows we are trying to identify the students in a school photo of 1923 - 1924. Stop by the Scipio offices and take a gander, maybe someone you know is in the photo!
Those who graduated in 1923 were Paul Cotter, Alton Groom,Lois Venable Wightman, Charles Howland and Mildred Ward Howes. In 1924, the graduates were Margaret Kanalley (who went on to teach sixth grade at Sherwood), Volney Mosher and Homer White.
Underclassmen who may be in the photo include the graduates of 1925: Elizabeth Hitchcock Bergerstock (wife to LeRoy Bergerstock of Moravia, my mother's sister Betty was a nurse and also worked several years at Jennings Department Store in Moravia), Beulah Howland Stephenson, Margaret McCormack Youngs, Evelyn Venable and Paul Wagner.
The graduating class of 1926 consisted of Elizabeth Cotter Bokal, Carl King,William Maroney, Mary Mitchell White,Rena Powers Brogan, Virginia Watkins Swayze (Sherwood School nurse for many years and co-owner of a maple syrup operation with her husband), Gertrude Whalen Passamonte and Clifford White.
Stop over and put a name with a face!


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, if you could work out the logistics, Marge Whitten probably could identify her brother, Volney K. Mosher, and Dave White probably could identify his father, Homer.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Good ideas, Roger. I think Dave has looked at the picture and given us a couple of names; several people have looked but I want to get the picture online soon, watch for it in the blog.