Sunday, May 11, 2008

Early School Teachers

I was sorry to miss last week's presentation by Judy Furness, Historian for Ledyard, on our one-room schools. I have been compiling information too, and the Scipio Offices has a nice display of photos from early schools. A recent trip to the NYS Archives in Albany yielded some information on education of the teachers, and I hope to share some of that soon.
On one of my visits to the Cayuga County Historian's Office, I found school information in a "Scipio" folder. It was taken from a "Historical Sketch of Scipio Number One, Scipioville and Levanna Communities" by Ernest Jo Young in 1938.
For the Town of Ledyard, Mr. Young wrote about School # 2 or Cooney Corners School, named after an early inhabitant. He also wrote of Ingleside, a preparatory school conducted by Professor Dickinson. Washington Irving, a relative of William Grinnell, did some of his writing here.
George Swayze began his teaching career at School #3, with as many as 40 pupils at one time.
There were many people who were teachers in these one-room schools. At School #5 or Barbers Corners School, teachers included the following folks:
Fannie Taylor, Susan Brown, Matilda Jacobs, Adolphus Searing, George Swayze, Fred Bowen, Frank Kent, William Otis, Mrs. Hoag, Oscar B. Swayze, Sarah Howland, Nelson Stevens, Mary Tompkins, Fanchia Groom, Augusta Phelps, Martha Bancroft, Lucy Anthony, Mrs. Carr and Miss Post. I wonder which Miss Post?


Roger A. Post said...

Marian Gertrude Post, daughter of Otto Walton Post and Harriet May Hoskins Post of Wyckoff Road, Scipio, taught at Barber's Corners School ca. 1931-1934. ("POST, Marian Gertrude: Obituary," The Citizen Online, Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY 9 May 2004, "She [Marian Post] began her teaching career at Barber's Corners Rural School followed by Scipio Rural District No. 2, where the students sometimes would exit through the windows in warm weather.")

After about three years of teaching, Marian attended Cortland Normal School (now SUNY Cortland) for advanced teacher training before continuing her career in other schools.

redhouse06 said...

Hi Sandie,

Jessie E. Hanford was the teacher at the Barbers Corners #5 school from Sept 1913 - June 1916. The following were her students on 16 June 1916: Christine Mitchell, Beulah Carr, Hazel Smith, Gertrude Swayze, Albert Gifford, Kenneth Gifford, Ellen Doyle, Flossie Gifford, Violet Gifford, Dorothy Swayze, Barbara Mitchell, Pearl Carr, Doris Smith, Julia Carter, Elizabeth Cornwell, Mary Mitchell, Sara Carr, Mary Baizak, Robert Erniger, Meader Pattington, Burton Cornwell, Fowler Bancroft, Leon Smith, Clifford Smith, and Benjamin Swayze.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Now, Roger, I wonder if you could tell my query of "what Miss Post?" was tongue-in-cheek? I knew you would be able to give us the details about Marian Post, a well-known teacher in Scipio and Cayuga County for many years.
And what great new information about School #5 at Barbers Corners! It would be nice to find a photo of these folks. Many of the names listed are still have family in Scipio. I wonder if Elizabeth Cornwell is related to the Cornwell Cemetery family?

Brian said...

Jessie Elisa Hanford was born May 9, 1888 in Scipio. She was the daughter of Henry and Ellen (Hoyt) Hanford. She married Howard Augustus Sanders on March 21, 1917. He was born on December 7, 1887 in Scipio. He was the son of Levi and Libbie (Pease) Sanders. They lived on a farm on the corner of Delaney and Ridge Road in the town of Fleming. They had no children. Howard died on March 18, 1968 and Jessie died on November 22, 1975. They are buried in the Fleming Rural Cemetery.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Thank you for sharing this information on Jessie and Howard. It's always nice to find out more about our early residents.
The more I research, the more obvious it becomes that our early schools functioned at times as social centers, and the teachers influenced the life of everyone in their community.