Sunday, May 18, 2008

Military Tract and Scipio

On March 23, 1798, a law was passed in NY that stated lots needed to be set aside to provide for the support of the gospel and schools, and the promotion of literature.
An Act relative to lot number One, in the town of Scipio was passed March 29, 1809 which stated that the supervisor of Scipio along with appointed commissioners, in pursuance of the above law of 1798, was to execute a durable lease or leases to anyone including their heirs and assigns forever, for lot number one.
Heady stuff, but it appears that the intent of the law was to assure that any soldier on a lot that was to be set aside instead for gospel, school or library, was fairly compensated.
This information is also taken from Tree Talks of December 1969. And here are the next 25 names of Revolutionary War Soldiers who drew lots in Scipio, starting with Lot # 26:

Thomas Miller
Daniel Owens
Robert Cochran
Arthur Lamb
Edward Kizor
John Sandford
Juhn Utter
Theodore Bliss
Peter Van Buscoten
James Slack
Samuel Mitchell
Salter Pulman
Cornelius Swarthout
Henry Ennis
George Clinton
Abner French
James Stewart
John M'Lane
Alexander M'Dougall (yes, in addition to Lot #24)
George St. Clair
John Stump
Frederick Weissenfels
Joseph Concklin
Richard Platt
Henry Post

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