Thursday, May 22, 2008

Decoration Day

Decoration Day is coming up next week, or as we now call it Memorial Day. Our town and indeed county are rich in military history, in fact Scipio is part of the Military Tract in NYS.
I continue here to list more of the Revolutionary War veteran's names drawn for Township #12, Scipio, as shown in Tree Talks:

Farrell Summers
William Leaycraft
Robert Cochran
Jeromus Hogelandt
George Leaycraft
Christopher Closer
David Miller
Richard Coteree
William Brumley
Alexander M'Master
Elisha Miller
John Buggarow
Henry Godwin
Samuel Jones
Richard Platt
Ebenezer Parker
John Marsh
David Ogden
Adam Wendell
John M'Cormick
John Osmun
Thomas Grill
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wendell
Patrick Symott (Synot?)

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