Friday, August 1, 2008

Stoker Reunion

What a busy month this has been! Summer this year has been filled with friends and family and time spent outdoors - in between the raindrops. A week from this Sunday the Stoker family reunion will be held. It is our Centennial celebration - 100 years of reunions.
We are planning a few special activities, and there are games and prizes especially for the children. I created a Stoker family tree last night using Family Tree Maker and was amazed to find how much information we have gathered through the years. And every year it seems we learns something new. For example, through the use of, I found out in a newspaper clipping that Joseph Stoker, a brother of my ancestor, had spent over 40 years in California, returning about 1904 to Homer, NY. I had no idea! The fulton website is a wealth of information.

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