Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cayuga County 4-H Clubs

Not only did we have a "Big 5" Picnic in 1938; in April of that same year the Cayuga County 4-H Clubs held a Dramatic Festival on Friday, April 29 at the Fulton Street Auditorium and on Monday May 2 at the Emily Howland Central School.
A donated copy of the program from someone's scrapbook shows us that the County Agent that year was Francis R. Sears. Our Judges were Miss Dorothy Burns, Miss Esther Edwards, Mrs. Mabel Smith and Mr. Andrew Smith.

The Friday evening program at the Fulton Street Auditorium included the following activities:

"Orville's Big Date" by the 4-H Hill Climbers, Mrs. Leonard Jordan, Leader
"L'il Black Heliotrope" by the Owasco Wideawakes, Mrs. Grace Chase, Leader
Tumbling Act by Marjorie Bodine
"Midnight in Goose Hollow Graveyard" by the Conquest Hard Workers, Mr. R. H. Sears, Leader
Reading: "A Little Girl's Secret" by Marjorie Hoagland
"Incurable Optimist" by the Conquest Happy Homemakers, Mrs. Aldice Clary, Leader
Reading: "Here Comes the Bride" by Rosemary Williams
"Seeings Believing" by the Friendly Cloverleaf Club f Fair Haven, Miss Flora Alexander, Leader
Reading: "A Mortifying Mistake" by Gertrude Cooper
"Two's Company" by the 4-H Hill Climbers, Mrs. Leonard Jordan, Leader.

On Monday evening at Emily Howland Central School, there was a different and much abbreviated program:

"Mrs. Magician's Mistake" by the Scipio Rainbow Stars, Miss Helen Mullally, Leader
"Alien Note" by the Knights of Art, Miss Jane Foley, Leader
"Buddie Buys an Orchid" by the Barbers Corners 4-H Club, Mrs. Ray Alexander, Leader.

I'm sure everyone practiced and practiced; wouldn't you love to know who got the blue ribbon for their performance?

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