Friday, August 1, 2008

NYS Archives Visit

I am so pleased to share this information. I wrote an application for the Larry Hackman grant for local Historians last month. Yesterday, I received notice I had been successful.

What this provides is 4 expense paid days in Albany NY and the help of a research assistant at the NYS Archives for a project for Scipio.

I will be reviewing the tax and assessment rolls for Scipio and surrounding towns for 1799 - 1804 and I can't wait! The only records we have from those early years are the Town Meeting notes, and while they are invaluable there is so much more I'd like to learn.

I will also be researching Military Patent records and applications for land grants and if I have time, the records from the War of 1812.

I have visited the Archives before, and the NYS Library which is housed in the same building. I copied the 1892 census for Scipio while I was there last time, you can see them at the Town Offices.

You can get an idea of the vast amount of information available by visiting the Archives website at, or the Library at

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