Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welcome in the New Year

It is almost time to say goodby to 2007 and welcome in 2008. Our ancestors would be amazed at the changes to our town!
Scipio continues to look to the future by such actions as working towards finding out if wind energy is a potential resource for our town. Wind energy really is nothing new; most of the homes in Scipio were using a windmill well into the 1930's and 40's. I remember ours still stood on Wyckoff Road into the 1950's.
"Living off the grid" was the norm, since the grid did not come to Scipio until about the early 1940's. An early bill features a picture of Reddy Kilowatt and a cost of $2.50 for a month's service for a house on the then Lake Road - now Wyckoff Road.
And electricity meant that the old hand pump wells could be replaced by a cistern or a dug well. To just turn on a faucet and draw the water you needed instead of pumping and bringing pails full to the house must have been a huge improvement and timesaver.
What New Year's resolution will you make for 2008? I resolve to continue to look at Scipio's past, and share what I learn through this Blog as well as at the Town Hall. Stay tuned!

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