Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Wish List

My mother used to say "If wishes were horses, we all would ride." Meant to stop my daydreaming, I still think that is a marvelous thought and so much nicer than "wake up and smell the coffee" as we might say now.
Every family historian or genealogy explorer has a wish list, and I am no different despite my mother's warnings. I think most of us know about EBAY, but there are lots of other interesting websites out there.
Some of the best places to make those dreams come true are bookstores that sell originals or reproductions of old histories, maps and family genealogies.
One of my favorite spots is www.higginsonbooks.com to look for a variety of items, and often they have a sale. I also like www.abebooks.com, and it's hard to beat www.bookfinder.com to search for the best price for an old book on the open market.
If you want to look for interesting books about a locality or publish a little local history book yourself, try www.hopefarm.com.
Take a look around, you may discover some other sites and find that book you never even knew you really wanted. Happy hunting!

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