Sunday, December 2, 2007

Available Records at Town Hall in Scipio

From time to time, I plan to publish lists of documents and records available in Scipio.
Besides our growing "History Corner" we have been fortunate in preserving some of our earlier record books. My favorite is probably the Book of Records for the Town of Scipio of annual town meetings, begun in 1794. Someone neatly crossed out "Onondaga County" and wrote in "Cayuga County" when that change occurred! That book itself has a lot of information and a lot of names, so may be a source to verify one of your ancestors actually resided here at a particular point in time.
We have a Book for Recording of Strays for 1803 - 1894.
There is a Book for Recording Elections in the Town of Scipio; the first entry was made for 1801. The book has consecutive years through 1832, and entries for 1840 - 43.
The Town Meeting book first mentions a resolution to secure a place to hold elections in 1887. In 1890, two election districts were created. If you check the blog below for Election Day, you'll find out where the two districts held their elections.
At the 1862 Town Meeting, a resolution was passed to raise by tax enough to pay every volunteer $50. The 1863 and 1864 Meetings also addressed paying Civil War volunteers.

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