Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mail in the 1830's

I was browsing through some old newspapers, including some available online at, and found some records of mail waiting to be picked up. Looks like the Post Master wanted to start the new year off by clearing out some old mail.

On January 1, 1832, several Scipio people had letters remaining for them at the Post Office. Their names were printed in the Cayuga County Patriot. Where the name was not too clear, I have placed a question mark:
Roger Alexander
Uriah Benedict
Daniel Benham
Jas. E. Brinkerhoff
Thomas Bowman
Isaac Brown
David Carpenter
William Cowen
Ebenezer Chevall
Terry Clark
Gideon Cornell
William Daniels
Daniel Dearborn
Skaden Dean (?)
Mathew Easton
Owen Eddy
Jeffrey A. Takman (?)
John Fancher
Jonathan Green
Nathan Hale
Solomon Hull
Ebenezer Kimball
Reliance Newcomb (?)
Joseph Pierce
Richard Shaw
Henry Spencer
Alexander Story
Ephraim Starkweather
Lewis D. Sutphen
Seneca Tracy
John Winslow
Josiah Woodworth
Josiah C. Wheaton
Raymond Warin
William Weed
Marrin Warner or John Rellett (?)
Jethro Wood
John T. Walker
Certified by Andrew Groom, Post Master

Letters were also waiting for pickup at Sherwood’s Corners, but the newspaper is difficult to read and many names are illegible. Some I can see:
John Anthony
Timothy Butler
Humphrey Howland
Robert Lawrence
Lydia A. Palmer
Jethro Wood
Wilbur Dennis
Allen Hoxie
Josiah Letchworth
Irene Peck
Mary Smith
John Wood
Samuel Worden
Certified by A. Thomas, Post Master

The 1827 list of letters waiting at Sherwood’s Corners is much clearer:
William H. Allen
Thomas Alsop
Abm. Barker
Josiah Bowen
Nathaniel Close
Joseph Estes
Jesse McCarty
John S. Gifford
Phebe Johnson
Daniel Maybey
Henry H. Mosher
Joseph Manly
Monmouth Purdy
Benjamin Smith
James Stillson
James Sayles
Lucinda Sanford
William Slocum
Mr. Stubbs
John Vanduser
John Wood
William Wooden Jr.


Karen said...

My ancestors came to Ohio from Scipio, Joseph Carpenter Tracy the son of Avery Tracy & Charity Carpenter. Avery Tracy's parents are both from Scipio, Benjamin Tracy & Olive Killim. They originally came from Preston, Ct. I visited Scipio about 10 years ago & found Avery's will. Just found your blog & appreciate your efforts. Thanks, Karen A

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Is that the same Benjamin Tracy who was a drummer in Connecticut in the Revolutionary War? The Tracy family was one of our first settlers, and that name appears repeatedly in our early town records. Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Sandie, Yes, this is the same Benjamin Tracy, he was a drummer in Rev. War. He is my 7th great grandfather, the son of Jedidiah Tracy of Preston, Ct son of Thomas Tracy, son of Lt Thomas Tracy. Thanks again, Karen