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Early Scipio Marriages

It is a challenge to find vital records in New York for any period much before 1850, and even those are pretty sparse. I am also always on the search for ways to identify maiden names of women so their branch of the family tree can be fleshed out.
I was fortunate enough to receive a transcription of some early marriage records for central New York, including Scipio, Springport and Aurelius. Let's see if you are related to any of these folks.

These early marriage records were provided courtesy of Norma Bilak in January 1998. A former very dedicated Historian, Norma is now deceased.
This material was copied from Nellie Flinn’s scrapbook by Arlene Young, then transcribed by Norma.

The following record of the marriages of some of the old inhabitants of Springport, Scipio, and Aurelius is taken from leaflets of a memorandum kept by Rev. Warner Lake, who for 20 years was Pastor of the Baptist Church, located near Powers Corners. Some of these folks descendants are still living in our midst. On a side note, the Rev. Lake was grandfather to J. B. and George W. Clark.
The town listed appears to be the residence of the husband. Some did not have a town listed, but presumably at least one of the couple was local.

Date names town

Nov. 20 1817 Harvey Bush to Arbella Whipple Aurelius
Feb. 19 1818 Timothy Bush to Lydia Bliss
Sep. 03 1818 Justus Boid to Almira Nutt Aurelius
Sep. 10 1818 Nicholas Gray to Laura Clark Aurelius
Nov. 01 1818 Gyeduthor P. Tabor to Mary Rob
Dec. 16 1818 Elam Anthony to Nancy Hunt
Mar. 23 1809 Wm. Crise to Eliza Elenor DeShong
Oct. 7 1809 Daniel Lummis to Polly Corley Aurelius
Oct. 14 1819 Mr. Roberts to Mary Bush
Nov. 2 1819 Hull Thompson to Diana Allen Scipio
Nov. 9 1819 Samuel Burghardt to Sally Snider Aurelius
Nov. 11 1819 Lewis Clark to Rhoda Lake Aurelius
Dec. 30 1819 Herlan Chamberlain to Anna Bush Scipio
Mar. 14 1819 Ichabod Clark to Hetty Gray
Mar. 21 1819 William Richardson to Hannah Dougherty Aurelius
Jul. 16 1820 Benjamin Roberts to Sarah Mosher Aurelius
Aug. 23 1820 Joshua Millard to Hannah Hall Scipio
Apr. ? 1822 Lenineu Mosher to Patty Booth Aurelius
Jul 7 1822 Abraham Johnson to Maria Bancroft Aurelius
Dec. 19 1822 Thaddeus Bennett to Betsey Ingram
Jan. 29 1824 Benjamin Sherman to Phebe Sprague Auburn
Dec. 29 1824 Amos Darling to Alma Hale Aurelius
Apr. 19 1827 Abraham Flinn to Fanny Weed Aurelius
Jan. 19 1826 Sylvester Frances to Lovey West
Jan. 19 1826 Alanson Rittenhouse to Mary Swallow Fleming
Feb. 2 1826 Manson Powers to Eliza Gray
Jun. 15 1826 William DeCoy to Harriett Duboll Springport
Oct. 18 1827 Abram Kirby of Ledyard to Lydia Gray of Springport
Jan. 17 1828 John Clark to Lizzie Flinn Springport
Mar. 9 1828 Oziah Smith to Hannah Lamb Springport
Apr. 9 1829 _?__ Wheeler to Sally Bigsby Aurelius
Dec. 13 1829 Mr. Boseman to Maria Beardsley Springport
Jan. 1 1827 Philip W. Hewitt to Nancy Seabolt Springport
Sep. 26 1827 Jacob Schenck to Maria Roberts Springport
Feb. 28 1828 Benj. F. Martingail to Widow Clark Springport
Mar. 29 1828 Zurah Curtis o Maria Wheeler Springport
May 12 1829 Samuel Dills of Scipio to Mary Lawrence of Springport


Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, I can provide some information on the family of Jacob Schenck and Maria Roberts whose marriage appears in your list.

Jacob Schenck (7 December 1806 - 12 March 1889) was the son of John Schenck (7 April 1770 - 8 January 1850) and Mary Quackenbush (ca. 1771 - 30 April 1844). John and Mary hailed from Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ. and initially emigrated from there to Genoa before settling in Springport. John and Mary had 14 children, of which Jacob was one of the younger ones, born in Genoa.

Maria Roberts was the daughter of Benjamin Roberts and Betsey Parish.

The marriage of Jacob Schenck and Maria Roberts produced 10 children as follows:
1. Charles 24 July 1828 - 30 January 1857
2. Marietta 6 June 1830 - 5 March 1904
3. Cyrus 31 January 1832 - 12 January 1896
4. Helen July 1834 - 21 June 1908
5. Eliza A. 1836 - 1918
6. Sophia E. 1838 - 17 May 1922
7. Harrison 6 March 1841 - 28 October 1928
8. Adelphia J. July 1843 - ca. 6 February 1902
9. Henry Clay 4 October 1845 - 10 May 1934
10. Sarah E. Augusta February 1849 - 19 January 1936

Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, another marriage in your list might match one on which I have little information.

You list the marriage of Hull Thompson and Diana Allen in Scipio. My file shows Diana Allen, daughter of Gideon Allen and Phebe Beardsley of Scipio, marrying an unnamed "Tomlinson" as one of her two marriages. Given the similarity between Thompson and Tomlinson, the Diana Allen in my file may be the one in your list of marriages. If so, I provide the following on her family.

Gideon Allen (ca. 28 October 1746 - 12 March 1841) and his wife, Phebe Beardsley (15 June 1752 - 26 April 1840) were among the earliest settlers of Scipio, arriving from Washington Co., NY in 1790 to settle in the vicinity of Scipioville before later moving to Springport. (As a side note, Justus Allen, Sr., son of Gideon and Phebe, remained at Scipioville where he ran a tannery that continued under his son, Lemuel.)

Diana Allen appears to have been a twin to Lorana Allen, wife of John Nutt. Diana and Lorana were born 10 December 1793, presumably at Scipio or Springport. An Allen genealogy lists three children for the marriage of Diana and her husband (purported ? Tomlinson): William, Ann, and unnamed. Perhaps these children had the surname Thompson, as the marriage list would suggest. Diana was also supposed to have been married to a "Bentley," but I have no dates.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

I have done some Schenck research, as they are related to Chamberlain, Bush and Bliss families from early Scipio and Springport days. In fact there is a family connection to former President Bush!Thanks for these additional details on this family whose descendants still live in our area today.
As for the Allens:
The earliest Cayuga County property tax records I have are from 1799, and I find Gideon Allen owning 2 properties: a house and farm in section 69 of great lot 2 valued at over $600.00; and another house and farm in great lot 2, section 10 valued at $105.00.
I also see a Thompson; looks like J. A. but the handwriting is not as clear as it could be. No Beardsley or Nutt.
Storke's History tells us that Gideon Allen was a cousin of Ethan Allen. Gideon participated in the Revolutionary War as did Ethan.
On May 10, 1775, Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold's men stormed Fort Ticonderoga, capturing its entire forty-eight man garrison. Moving up the lake, they captured Crown Point, Fort Ann, and Fort St. John in the weeks that followed.
The 1894 Biographical Review has a lot of information on this family, also. A copy of the biography of Gideon's grandson, Ethan Allen, can be found at: