Sunday, April 24, 2011

Publishing The Blog

I visited the blog this morning, and checked to see what the visitor count was. Another milestone - it had reached 12,000 even! So I want to thank you all for reading, commenting and otherwise sharing in this journey. Scipio has so many great people and places, I will never run out of things to say. I wish there were more hours in the day (or perhaps, that Scipio would finally have access to a high speed connection!).
To commemorate this milestone, I have ordered a paperback book of the blog from inception in October of 2007 through December of 2008, using Blog2Print.
It was easy to create a book, and the cost, while not cheap, is also not prohibitive. Once it arrives, I will let you know how it looks - I hope to have each calendar year printed out and available at the town offices for all to read.

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cml115 said...

Wow! Sandie, you inspire me -- Congratulations!