Friday, April 1, 2011

APHNYS Conference Time

I am heading off to Elmira, NY this weekend for the annual APHNYS conference (Association of Public Historians of New York State). I have been a member since becoming Scipio Historian in 2004, and they were instrumental in providing me with the resources and contacts I needed to obtain certification as a NYS Registered Historian. One of their conferences is where I picked up the idea and impetus to start this blog, and that has been a wonderful way to share and communicate the history of our town. I’ve “met” several people through this blog who are interested in learning more about a person in one of the entries, as well as several who have been willing to share information that is new to us.
While there are increasingly larger amounts of historical and genealogical records on the Internet, it is still important to take advantage of learning and networking opportunities. We can learn a lot by listening to and networking with fellow researchers who might have different, and possibly better, approaches to particular research challenges that can help break through those brick walls.
The APHNYS conference is always a great place to do just that. I always return with something new to think about and I’m sure this year will be no exception. I hope to see old friends and meet some new ones, and look forward to telling you all about it when I return!

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