Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Vacations

School is almost over for this year, and many of us are planning some kind of family trip for the summer. Near or far, we are packing up and heading out.
I have some great memories of family trips, and some stories too. In fact, I'm not sure we ever did tell dad who left their bubblegum on the car seat that he sat in one a memorable trip to Florida.
Last year I packed up the grand kids and their parents, and we spent nine hours together in the car to reach our destination. By the time we returned a week later, we were all a little worse for wear. But I bet in a few years, they will have as much fun remembering the trip as I do my childhood vacations - including that u-turn we took in Virginia for an ice cream cone!
Three generations in one car for a few hours sure sounds like a chance to share some family history to me. Why don't you think about spending a special day or weekend with your family, and share some stories of your own summer vacations?

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