Saturday, August 1, 2009

Henry Hudson and a Scipio connection?

I was reading the Port Byron Historian's blog at earlier this week and was interested to see her mention Henry Hudson. NY is celebrating the 400th anniversary of his voyage up the Hudson River this year.
A few years ago, Scipio had a visitor from North Dakota who was researching his Hudson and Pitts family lines. He had done a lot of research before his visit, and shared what he knew so we have a family file at the Scipio Offices. I had not known that the lovely cobblestone home in downtown Scipio was once owned by his ancestor.
There was also once a cemetery on Hunter Road and the ancestor named for both families, Pitts Hudson, was buried there. The Pitts Hudson gravestone is in broken pieces, stacked in a pile. He found that when he turned over some of the pieces he could still read the Pitts name and dates. A little further on there are other broken pieces scattered about, probably from some of the other Hudson stones.
He shared that he had heard two versions of his Hudson line. One version was that Henry Hudson had a son named Richard, who died while working for the British East India company. This Richard had two sons that eventually came to America. The second version was that this Hudson line would have to be through one of the brothers of Henry Hudson.
I think it is time for another trip to the NYS Archives, to do a little research and see what I can find about Henry Hudson. Isn't it interesting to think, one of his family members may have lived in our little town? You never know where genealogy and research will take you.

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Linda Brewer said...

I am James Brewer from Springwater New York and I have Pitt and Hudson relatives. We plan a trip to visit the cemetery this summer and wonder the location. Would love to see if we are related to Henry Hudson. Thank you.