Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bolt's Corners District

I ran into an old SCCS classmate at the Bouckville Antique Show this month. He is a self-professed “bottle nut” and had some interesting ones on display from Auburn and Cayuga County. I reminded him I am the Scipio Historian, and asked him if he had ever seen a bottle from Scipio.
In the 25 or so years that I know he has been collecting, he has never seen a bottle from Scipio. We lamented that fact, and then he reminded me that his family had taught in the Scipio school districts for many years, and he wondered if I had any information on them. He was particularly interested in Bolt’s Corners school district, and has some early photographs of the classes there.
If you do a search of this blog, you’ll find I have mentioned Bolt’s Corners before; at one time it was a thriving little district in the town of Scipio and now it is just another 4 corners marked by a NYS historical marker.
But as things have a way of doing, Bolt’s Corners crept into my conversation with another person this month; a teacher from SCCS who called to ask if I knew what happened to the NYS historical marker there.
Last year her class researched and created a book about the historical markers in the school district and this year, they are hoping to repaint these markers. The Bolt’s Corners marker was standing as far as we can figure until June of this year. Now all that stands there is the pole that it was attached to.If you know what happened to it, send a reply to the blog or e-mail me. We’d really like to see Bolt’s Corners get its marker back, wouldn’t you?

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