Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Nineteenth Amendment

Today is a very important day for Americans. I knew I was going to be away at a conference, so I mailed in my absentee ballot last week. I was able to vote for the first time in 1970, and I don't think I have missed a Presidential election yet.
The national right for women to vote did not arrive until the 19th amendment was passed only 50 years earlier, in 1920.
n 1873, Susan B. Anthony voted illegally for her President and was arrested and fined.
She made a speech in 1873 about voting that made the point that it was "we the people" not we the white male citizens who formed the union to secure the blessings of liberty, which include the right to vote.
I agree. So be sure to exercise your right and vote today.


Virginia Harris said...

It is election day and I AM VOTING thanks to the courage of countless suffragettes!

Can you even imagine NOT being able to vote?

It saddens me that so few people know ALL of the suffering that our suffragettes had to go through, and what life was REALLY like for women.

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Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Virginia, I agree women's suffrage is an important topic; however the self-serving nature of your comments is inappropriate on this blog.
This is a blog devoted to the history of Scipio, Cayuga County, NY.
If you need an advertising venue, please seek one elsewhere. Good luck with your booklet.