Saturday, June 13, 2015

1847 Births in Scipio

Scipio is fortunate. Their Clerks recorded and preserved birth records earlier than mandated, and often an elusive ancestor appears that has been otherwise difficult to find. Now if only the maiden names of the mothers had also been recorded! Nevertheless, this is a welcome resource for family researchers.

Here are all the births recorded for Scipio during the year ending December 31, 1847, in the order they were placed in the book. Most are legible, but as always errors may be made.
A child was not always named at the time of birth, but it is also possible the "not named" below were deceased at or soon after birth.

April 20: Eugene M. Gale born to Aaron and Mary Gale.
March 6: Frank Tallman born to Gideon and Deborah Tallman
April 23: Caroline A. Bishop born to Volney and Sarah Bishop
March 8: Caroline M. Akin born to Ira and Elinoar (sic) Akin
July 20: Elijah A. Lawrence born to William and Matild (sic) Lawrence
February 1: Louis Wheat born to Hiram and Martha Wheat
June 30: Mark Trim born to Benjamin and Nancy Trim
August 1: Abraham Sawyer born to Henry and Edira Sawyer
September 12: Charles E. Hudson born to William and (blank) Hudson
October 23: "not named" born to Edward and Harriett M. Akin
June 29: Leora Parker born to Franklin and Ordelia Parker
August 26: Mortimer Vanarsdale born to Peter and Mary Ann Vanarsdale
November 22: Ellen Sherwood born to Ormond O. and Laura Sherwood
March 18: Herman E. Ames born to Chester and Elmira Ames
July 30: Elijah A. Lawrence born to Wm and Matilda Lawrence
August 25: "not named" born to John and Ruth Pickins
November 25: John Denton born to Samuel and Mary Ann Denton
May 26: Mary Allwood born to Nathaniel and Margaretta A. Allwood
December 24: Bridgett Grimes born to John and Mary Grimes
February 27: Charles B. Tracy born to Uriah and Amy Tracy
March 31: John T. Backus born to John C. and Sarah J. Backus
October 12: "not named" born to Harvey and Emily Reynolds
July 21: Georgiannia Luther born to Alvin and Rosannah Luther


Roger A. Post said...

The unnamed child of Edward and Harriett M. Akin, born 23 October 1847, was Elizabeth Akin who later married Jefferson E. Howe and removed to Michigan before 1880. Her maiden name also appears in a Michigan record as "Aiken."

Roger A. Post said...

The child of Hiram and Martha Wheat was "Lois," rather than "Louis" according to the following source:

Kathleen Shaw Decker (transcriber), Vital Records: Cayuga County 1847-1849 (The USGenWeb Project, p. 30. "Births In Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY 1847. . . . Feb. 1 Lois - Hiram and Martha Wheat. . . .".

The 1850 census for Genoa also gives the child's name as Lois. A Wheat family genealogy gives her full name as Lois Augusta Wheat, although the birth date therein (22 February 1847) may be incorrect. She apparently died in 1851 by the same source:

Silas Carmi Wheat and Helen Love Scranton (co-editors), Wheat genealogy; a history of the Wheat family in America, with a brief account of the name and family in England and Normandy (1903), Vol. 2 ([Vol. 2] Shore Line Times Pub. Co., Guilford, CT, 1960, p. 157. "Children of Hiram V. and Martha M. (Chase) Wheat . . . . 1078 iii LOIS AUGUSTA. . . ."

Roger A. Post said...

P.S. Martha Wheat's maiden name was Martha Maria Chase, daughter of David Chase and Lois Butler.

Harriett M. Akin's maiden name was Harriet(t) M. Wheat, daughter of Samuel Wheat IV and Martha Eliza Thaxter.

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Thanks, Roger, for this additional information. I did a simple family tree for the Gould Akin Cemetery and this information about Harriet will be added. Let me know if you'd like to see the tree, you can probably add more.

The child of Hiram and Martha Wheat may have been called "Lois" but in checking again the original handwritten birth records as they appear in the Town books, the name is clearly spelled "Louis." Whether this town record is the only record, and there is a formal birth record filed somewhere else using the spelling variation "Lois", I do not know. There is no indication of male or female in the book. The Scipio book appears to have been filled in at the end of the year in its entirety as the handwriting is the same, so it is likely this could be a typographical error, but I don't know what it was copied from. I'll post a scan.