Thursday, May 1, 2014

Genealogy Research 101

I attended the NYS Conference of Daughters of the American Revolution in 2013 held in Syracuse NY. Since membership in that organization requires verifying your link to one (or several!) Revolutionary War participant(s), genealogy research techniques are a hot topic among the members. A friend who is also the NYS Chairman of Lineage Research is committed to finding new ways to help with research. She shared with me a website that I am now sharing here.
Crafted for the beginner but with tips and hints for those brick walls even the most experienced researcher stumbles upon, this website is full of information on how to begin genealogy research and where on the internet information may be found.
There is a self-paced tutorial for beginners with clearly outlined tasks. Of value to all are the genealogy links provided. I already had many of these bookmarked and use them regularly to research our Scipio ancestors. You will also find some handy tools and charts. I especially like the Town to County database; put in the name of a town and the database provides the unknown to you county name - very handy for following up with specific research.
Take a moment to check out this comprehensive but not overwhelming website. I think you'll be glad you did.
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