Monday, March 31, 2014

Scipio Talbot Jacquard Coverlet

This blog attracts many viewers from across the USA (and a few overseas!) and this week I heard from someone without personal ties to our town, but with an interesting story.
Carol is an antiques dealer and recently purchased a jacquard coverlet from a Talbot family estate. It has "Scipio 1835" in one corner. The blue and cream colors are the same as others I have seen, but the patterns are different. You may recall from past blog posts that the coverlets were generally made by itinerants or as a supplemental source of income by farmers or other seasonally busy folks, using a large loom and punch card system.
In her search for details, Carol found this website and sent me an email with some wonderful photos.
She states that this coverlet was purchased from a Talbot family estate. It was discovered wrapped in tissue paper in an old trunk and is in amazing condition. This coverlet came with a note with a little bit of family history. The note said the coverlet was owned by Mrs. J. D. Freer of Cortland, NY, who was noted as "My Father's Mother" by the last owner of the coverlet. It also stated that is was said to have been presented as a wedding gift by the family of Henry Ward Beecher. Henry (1813-1887), a minister like his six brothers, was a brother to Harriett Beecher Stowe, author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin."
I am hoping that a Talbot family member from our neck of the woods can shed some light on the family's relationship to Mrs. Freer and to Henry Ward Beecher to their family before Carol has sold the coverlet. I'd be glad to share her email with anyone interested in speaking with her directly.

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Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

What a gorgeous coverlet...and how special that it is from Scipio. I would love to own it!