Monday, January 2, 2012

Direct Link to Ensenore Photos

And this should be a direct link to the Ensenore photos.
I will edit out the links that do not work if you will give them a try and leave me a comment. I am able to access the album with all 3 links, including the first one, so I am at a loss.


Dawn L. Roe said...

Hi Sandy, your links are still having troubles. I will share that some of my posts had link issues when creating them when using internet explorer. You may want to edit the post using Google Chrome instead. Blogger is no longer supporting IE. If that doesn't work, recheck your settings on the album to make sure it is marked public. If needed, lets get together, would be happy to meet you at the PB Library to see if we can these working for you. Keep up the good work. Dawn

Dawn L. Roe said...

Sandie, edit your post by using internet explorer, that should fix it, just the opposite of my first comment. I did that and it fixed my problem and should work. Let me know how you make out, happy to meet at the library if needed.