Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Landowners in 1799 Scipio

So far I have leafed through the assessment records for 1799 in Scipio. It is amazing to see that so many folks came here in those very early pioneer days, when survival depended on planting and harvesting food before winter set in, while building some type of dwelling to keep out the bears and the snow with few tools other than muscle power.
There are a few smudges, but it looks like the total taxes owed on real and personal property in 1799 amounted to $236.82. Using the Consumer Price Index I found at, that would be equivalent to $4,260.00 in 2009.
Many of the names are familiar. There are Allens, Browns, Adkins, Delano, and several others I have seen mentioned. Olney, Tracy, Strong, Eddy, and many other names familiar from the Revolutionary War are sprinkled among the entries. There are also several pieces of property listed with owner unknown; maybe as yet unclaimed. What an interesting look at our town this promises to be!

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