Monday, February 1, 2010

Vital Records of 1865 Scipio

Phebe Allen was 77 years old when she died of Apoplexy on June 27, 1865. Phebe was a native of New Jersey. Today, we’d probably be calling this a stroke.
Rosa B. Hale died of congestion of the lungs on June 3, 1865. Probably today we would refer to that as pulmonary edema; basically, heart failure. Difficult for someone like Rosa and her family I’m sure, as she was only 10 years old.
Orrin Ames, a native of Albany and a married farmer, died on March 12, 1865 of chronic diarrhea. There are so many causes of this condition, from viruses to cancers that it is difficult to know why this 61-year-old man really died.
Daniel Van Liew also died in 1865. Aged 67, and a farmer who was married and a native of New Jersey, he died on May 27th of a rupture. Perhaps this was an aneurysm, or it could have been a ruptured appendix.
Sadly the 1865 vital records that I reviewed had one suicide. Cornelius Ostrander, a hotel keeper, died on March 29th of that year. The cause is given as suicide by hanging. He was married and a native of Dutchess County, NY.
The US tax assessment records for 1863-64 find a Cornelius Ostrander listed as a meat peddler [sic] in or of Aurora, NY. He was responsible to pay a license tax that year of $2.92. Perhaps this is the same man. Something to look into further, so stay tuned.


Roger A. Post said...

Daniel Perrine Van Liew, Sr., who died 27 May 1865, was husband of Rebecca Babcock (1st) and Salina West (2nd). West was Salina's married name from her first husband; I haven't discovered her maiden name. Daniel was a son of Frederick Van Liew and Eadith Perrine. Frederick was the Revolutionary War vet featured prominantly in this blog last fall. Another meaning of "rupture" is hernia so a strangulated intestine might be another possible cause of Daniel's demise.

Phebe Allen possibly was Phebe Alward Allen, wife of Justus Allen, Sr. She is buried in Evergreen (Scipioville) Cemetery #99 in Ledyard. A correction to the cemetery list, submitted by Timmons Alward Dodson, indicates that she died in 1864, as does a published Allen genealogy, although the transcription gives a date 10 years earlier. Phebe is my 3rd great-grandmother so any further clarification would be appreciated. Perhaps this is another case of a death in the year preceding 1 June 1865?

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

Roger, I am certain you are correct - the death was occurred during the year ending June 1, 1865; so Phebe would have died June 27, 1864.
It is so easy to make an error, and that is why it is nice to have someone asking good questions. Thanks, Roger.