Friday, January 29, 2010

Tundra Swans

I was visiting a friend who is lucky enough to live right on Owasco Lake. Her house is about at the midway mark of the west side, and in the summer it is a pleasure to sip a cup of coffee on her patio and watch the baby ducklings make their way along the shoreline.
Last week, the weather was a bit chilly at 20 degrees, and so we were indoors looking out at the many birds that call Owasco Lake their home for some or all of the wintertime. There are plenty of Canadian Geese of course, but what struck my eye was the lovely line of tundra swans; a long white thread of graceful birds making their way from Auburn at the north end to Moravia at the south end, heading for their evening meal.
There is a certain grace to their flight, unmatched by the geese or other birds of their size, that makes them immediately recognizable. Every winter, they visit Scipio. That is not a bad idea!

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