Thursday, October 8, 2009

Frederick Van Liew

I have a copy of Frederick's pension. It states that while he was residing in New Brunswick, NJ, he enlisted in the summer of 1776 and served 2 months as a Private in Captain John Taylor's Company of Colonel Duyckin's (also spelled Duychinck) New Jersey Regiment; from sometime in the summer of 1776 to about June 1, 1777, he served at various times on short tours, as a Private in Captain Lawrence Van Cleef's Company, Colonel Henry Vandyke's New Jersey Regiment.
About June 1, 1777 he enlisted in a company of light horse commanded by Captain John Stryker, New Jersey troops. He was not engaged all the time in active service but kept himself in constant readiness to mount and ride for an over all period of about 7 months.
August 1, 1779 he was appointed forage master under Sidney Berry, Deputy Quartermaster General; this service he rendered at different times until the close of the war for at least one year in all. Frederick participated in the Battles of Monmouth and of Springfield, as well as in a number of skirmishes. He was allowed a pension of $30.00 a year by application executed on September 25, 1832 under the Act of June 7, 1832, at which time he was 79 years old and lived in Scipio, Cayuga County, NY.
Frederick died June 20, 1835. Many of his descendants remain in Scipio and nearby towns to this day.


recneps68 said...

Hi Aunt Sandie!! Cool Blog. This stuff is so facinating. I can't believe how much you have written and how knowledgable you are about the history of Scipio. I just was looking for the population of Scipio in 1950, and I found your blog. Do you have those census records? I bet you do. Let me know, krit

Sandie Stoker Gilliland said...

How nice is that, to hear from you about my Scipio blog! I'm glad you found it and are enjoying it.
I looked around today for the 1950 population information, and I did find a few links that I list below. Be aware these are pretty huge files. I think that you do not live in the land of dial up, like I do still here in Scipio, so should be okay.
Let me know if this supplies you with what you need, and keep on readin'!

1950 Census of Population and Housing
CENSUS OF POPULATION AND HOUSING 1950 Census. As in 1930 and 1940, the 1950 Census was conducted according to the terms of the Fifteenth Census Act.