Monday, June 15, 2009

Vacation Time

School is almost over for this year, and it is time for vacation! This year, we are going to drive to the Ocean City area with the grandchildren, and take some day trips nearby. I am hoping to spend an afternoon at Jamestown, a place that fascinated me from the first time I read about the disappearance of the entire town.
There are also a lot of Civil War sites in Virginia. I have been looking on a website: for some routes to take. Several Scipio men fought in battles in Virginia. The 44th NY went through the Peninsula Campaign, and that was waged mainly in Virginia. I look forward to telling you all about some of the Civil War information I find and memorials I see.
Yesterday was the dedication of the new Veteran’s Memorial Park in Auburn, Cayuga County, NY. There were at least 200 folks there, many spending time before and after the ceremony walking the path lined with memorials to each war, from the Revolutionary War to the Iraqi War. If you are in the area, it is a beautiful park and well worth a stroll some sunny afternoon.
Wherever you vacation, take a few minutes to look for the monuments and parks. I'd love to hear about your favorite spot!

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Roger A. Post said...

Sandie, Jamestown would be very interesting; I hope to visit the site someday, as well. My recommendation for a Civil War battleground to visit, should one be traveling in the Deep South, is the Vicksburg National Military Park at Vicksburg, Mississippi. I don't know if any Scipioans fought there, but the Union siege of Vicksburg was a turning point in the Civil War. As for the Park, a loop road follows the Union and Confederate lines for miles with the location and identification of the military units, redoubts, and entrenchments marked with memorial monuments and signs. The remains of a Civil War ironclad recovered from a nearby Mississippi River tributary are also preserved on the site. I have managed to return to Vicksburg three times as an adult after initially visiting the Park as a child, and never tire of the experience.