Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NYS Library

It is hard not to find something interesting at the NYS Library website (see the link below). I decided to search for Scipio information at Heritage Quest, available through the Library, in the Congressional papers. Pensions were reviewed by a Congressional Committee and a report was made on December 22, 1836 on the petition of a John Bosworth.
John alleged that he was captain of a company of infantry in the town of Scipio in 1814 and was ordered by a General John Tiltason to march with his company to Buffalo and join with General Brown's army at Fort Erie.
John went on to say he did so, but wasn't provided with tents or camping equipment and for over a month was forced to endure "the peltings of severe storms, by night as well as by day, wholly unsheltered by a tent or any other covering - lying on the bare ground, and receiving directly on his body the wet and the cold as they were dispensed by the elements;" also he was 31 and a strong young man to start but the above exposure had caused him excruciating suffering. His joints misshapen by rheumatism, John became dependent on others for everything, and was destitute. Four witnesses also testified that he was a helpless cripple.
A soldier's lot has never been easy.

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