Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Graduates of Sherwood Select School

Today I am posting to the blog the last of the graduates for 1910 - 1926 under the Regents. These folks graduated from Sherwood Select after attending a one-room schoolhouse until probably eighth grade.
Some went on to be teachers themselves, giving back to their community and enriching it for future generations. You probably recognize a few of the names, I know I did.
Stop on over to the Scipio Offices and see our current display of one-room school photos. Maybe you can find a picture of an aunt or uncle that you haven't seen before!

The five who graduated in 1920 were:

Helen Beck
Margaret Cotter Bowness
Anna Dooley McSweeney
Mildred Hoxie Atkinson
Frank Powers

In 1921, Sherwood graduated six:

Ethel Bowen Perkins
Elizabeth Crowley
Edith Ely Scileppi
Fred Howland
Raymond Mahaney
Eva White Schenk

Sherwood had seven graduates in 1922:

Herbert Heffernan
Dorothy King Kearnis
Mary Murphy Maroney (another of those one-room school and eventually Sherwood School teachers)
Harriet O'Neill Landice
Mildred Smart Youtt
Edgar Ward
James Welch

And there you have it, all the Sherwood Select School graduates for 1910 - 1926 are available on this searchable blog. Were any of them your teacher? Do you have a story to share? Either post a comment to the blog or e-mail me at Scipio, we'd love to hear from you.

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Roger A. Post said...

Eva White married Marion C. Schenck. They had at least four children and resided in Fleming, Cayuga Co., NY at the time of Marion's death.

Frederic M. Howland was the son of Edward L. Howland and Julia Conaty. Fred had three daughters, one of whom remains in Scipio.