Saturday, January 5, 2008

Scipio Assessments

I spent some time today looking through our old assessment books for 1939 and 1940. Our Assessors both years were Byron Hitchcock (my maternal grandfather), George Powers and Clinton Mosher.
The total acreage for Scipio is reported at 22,039 and 5/8 acres.
In 1939, Scipio had 6 churches, 3 parsonages, 9 cemeteries and 12 school districts.
In 1939, New York State Electric & Gas Company had 546 poles in Scipio and paid $417.55 in taxes. By 1940, they had placed a total of 603 poles.
I decided to take a look at the Town Meeting minutes for 1940. The minutes for March 5th of 1940 showed that the Town Board made the decision to sign a contract with New York State Electric & Gas to furnish electric at the Town Quarry, at a minimum of $4.00 per month. They were also given permission to run line over quarry land.
It's interesting to note that at a Town Meeting on May 5th of 1940, permission was also given to Empire Electric & Gas Company to run line over quarry property.
The quarry is located beside our present-day Town Hall, at the intersection of State Route 34 and Hunter Road.

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